Our firm was founded in 1979 by Ira G. Cooper. Over the course of almost 40 years practicing landlord-tenant, commercial litigation, real estate litigation, and real estate transaction law, we have become one of the most respected firms in Queens County.


Our staff, your team, at Cooper, Paroff & Graham P.C. are mindful that you, our client, might be feeling stressed or uncertain about the issues  pertinent to your case. As your team, we strive to provide comprehensive explanations to help you better understand all facets of your case; being responsive to all your calls and questions throughout the process.

Ira founded his firm in 1979.  In the past 40 years, he has distinguished himself as a leader in Landlord-Tenant Litigation. Ira  founded and became the first president of the Housing Court Bar Association of Queens County. Ira has also been a lecturer at the New School for Social Research; a member of the Landlord-Tenant Committee of the New York State Bar Association; and a lecturer at the Queens County Bar Association for Landlord & Tenant Litigation.  Ira’s goal was to create a firm with a human quality alongside its professionalism.  


The part of the practice Ira enjoys most is when he is sitting across from his clients, helping them find the most effective and successful way to address their individual needs.  Ira truly believes that his firm is a family firm which includes not only his team but his clients, many of whom have become his ‘friends’ over these 40 years. Feel free to call to talk, or set up an appointment.



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Jamie is the administrative partner at Cooper, Paroff & Graham P.C., making sure that all aspects of the firm are running smoothly and efficiently.  Since joining the firm in 2011, Jamie has focussed on residential and commercial Landlord-Tenant litigation and transactions; overseeing all areas of eviction proceedings, from the initial client meetings, to the commencement of the actions, right through to the final court appearances and resolutions.


Jamie’s primary focus has always been her clients, making sure they feel comfortable and that their individual needs/concerns are being heard and addressed. It is her fierce determination to make sure that clients’ issues are handled properly and expeditiously that truly make her a ‘client-advocate’.  Attorneys are not typically known for their interpersonal skills but Jamie is certainly the exception. Feel free to call Jamie at any time. 

Jamie joined Cooper, Paroff & Graham, PC in October 1999, and provides 20 years of experience in commercial and real estate litigation in the Civil and Supreme Courts. Everyday, she can be found in both the Residential and Commercial parts of the Housing Courts in all boroughs of New York, and Nassau and Suffolk counties, where she handles trials, depositions and motions. 


Jamie has established a reputation among her peers and throughout the courts as a motivated and zealous advocate for her clients and takes great pride in offering the highest quality of professionalism to clients big and small.  She is equally proud to work in a firm where she says all the members of the Cooper Paroff and Graham team feels the same way, always working together to bring all cases to a successful end.  Feel free to contact Jamie Nevins at:



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Linda has been with the firm since 1984.  Dubbed “The Queen of Landlord-Tenant”, Linda administratively begins all landlord-tenant actions and follows each of them through the entire process. Her organizational and communication skills helps insure that all clients are kept abreast of their individual proceedings.  Linda never let’s her clients’ questions go unanswered.


Linda is easy to talk to, knowledgeable about all facets of the firm and the process. When she is unable to answer a question, she knows exactly where to refer you.   She will always make herself available to you, so feel free to contact Linda at

Gina has been a part of the team for 22 years. Her focus is on real estate transactions and Supreme Court litigation.  Gina’s involvement in real estate transactions requires that she stay on top of all phases of the process from contract to title issues and closings.  The same is required for all Supreme Court litigation where she prepares and files all pleadings, motions and discovery. 


Paramount to Gina’s responsibilities are her communication with clients. She understands the importance of keeping her clients abreast of the status of their case(s), and to help them understand the process, which often seems foreign to the lay person.  Gina will help you though it all.



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